Dental Villa 

    +977-1-5376659, 9860042395

Balkhu, Kuleshwor Road, Hanagulu Marg

Near Nepal SBI Bank, Kathmandu, Nepal

 Open Hours: Sun-Fri 8AM-7PM; Sat 8AM-1PM

Dear Patients, 

We provide quality oral health services including braces by specialists at affordable cost in safe environment since so many years. 

We care for you. We put all the necessary measures  to ensure the utmost safely of our patients and staffs.

For emergency care or any advise, call at 01-5376659, 9860042395
Always at your service 

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Dental Villa- Orthodontic Center and Speciality Dental Clinic 
Balkhu, Kuleshwor road, Hanagulu Marg, Near Nepal SBI Bank, 01-5376659, 9860042395

Orthodontic Center & Speciality Dental Clinic